Q: Where are you located?

A: We're located in Delano, MN and Edina, MN. Our delivery center in Edina, MN is conveniently located 10 minutes away from the airport with 6 surrounding hotels for out-of-town customers.

Q: Is your auto brokerage service free?

A: Yes it is. Not only is it free, there's no pressure to buy anything during our free consultation. A deposit will be required only when we you feel comfortable to go with our recommendations. The deposit is applied 100% towards the car - just like any time you buy a car. 

Q: I'm confused. Are you a dealer or auto broker?

A: We are both and MORE! We are a registered and authorized dealer in the State of Minnesota. We sell used and new vehicles and broker cars, trucks, suvs, boats, exotics, classics, motorcycles, and more! Our CarVici Way gets you into better quality vehicles that match your lifestyle and budget.

Q: Can I bring my own financing or cash?

A: Absolutely. Many dealers will only give you the "deal" if you use their in-house financing which is designed to get their money back on the deal. We welcome outside financing and it doesn't affect your car deal. CarVici also provides financing for all types of needs: Good credit, bad credit, divorce, bankruptcy, etc.

Q: Will I get a CarFax or verification of the vehicle?

A: Yes and we also provide our 52 point inspection.

Q: How long will it take to locate the right car for me?

A: Depending on your needs, it could be within 72 hours if it's urgent, but in most cases a week or two. 

Q: Is it really no pressure?

A: Yes 100% no pressure. Our business model is innovative where we have no inventory, extensive staff costs, and large buildings to maintain. It's expensive to maintain automotive inventory - costing $10,000's per day. Hence auto dealers by nature are forced sell cars under pressure. With CarVici, we are patient and will do the research and shopping to find you the right car at the right price. 

Q: I'm worried about getting a used car.

A: We share your concerns. We are car enthusiasts and have bought cars for our family and friends. We want to make sure the car is reliable, fits your lifestyle, and priced right. With over 50 years of combined auto buying experience and our 52 point CarVici Pro Inspection, you can have peace of mind that you aren't going to get a lemon.